Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brain Charles Lara !!

April 21 - 2007 - the last time one gets to see the man himself - Brain Charles Lara - bat for one last time.

I was a 6 yrs young boy when i started following cricket. It took me 2 more yrs to understand the game in detail. Its been 17 yrs..n till date no player has fascinated me more than Lara. I still remember the 1st innings i saw of him - courtesy my grandpa - it was in Sharjah against SriLanka - Lara scored 169 runs - wherein he reached 100-169 in just 26 balls or so.
That was the innings which made me sit up n take notice of this man - who eventually turned out 2 b da BEST batsman the world has ever seen. I never saw Viv Richards innings LIVE nor Sobers ... when you watch Lara bat - u just WATCH - he tries to play the same cavalier way no matter what the conditions and even though its almost impossible to pull off you just admire him for trying.

For me Lara is a genius. Ask Muttiah Muralitharan, no one has ever played him with such brutal authority anywhere. That series in Srilanka - proved once n for all - who is the best batsman of this generation.

Want 2 finish my tributes to this man - will do it soon !! Salutes 2 u man ... wil watch u today evening for the very last time!! Needless 2 say i will miss ur arrogance n da back-lift, which u made world-famous. :)


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