Sunday, July 26, 2009

the lyrics which disturbed me yet again after 1993

its been sometime since i listened to this song .. infact its been 15 years to be precise ...
Raalipoye puvvaa niku ragaalendhukeThota maali ni thodu ledu le....
Vaali poye podhaa niku varnaalendhuke?Lokamennado chikataayale......
Nee kidhi thelavaarani reyi amma....
Kaliki ma chilaka padaku ninnati nee ragam

Raalipoye puvvaa niku ragaalendhuke?Thota maali ni thodu ledu le....
Vaali poye podhaa niku varnaalendhuke?Lokamennado chikataayale......
chedhirindhi ni goodu gaali gachilaka gorinka gaadha gachinnari roopaalu kanniti deepalu kaaga....
thanavaadu tharallo cheraga,manasu, mangalyaalu jaaraga....sindhoora varnaalu thellari, challaari poga...
thirige bhoomathavu nivayi.... vekuva lo vennalavayi
karige karpooramu nivayi....aashala ke aarathivayi

Raalipoye puvvaa niku ragaalendhuke?
Thota maali ni thodu ledu le....
Vaali poye podhaa niku varnaalendhuke?

Anubandham ante ne appu le.....karige bandhalanni mabbu le....hemantha ragaala chemanthule vaadi poye

thana rangu maarchindhi Rakthame...thanatho raalenandhi pashame
deepala pandakki deepale kondekki poye

pagile akaasham nivayi... jaari pade jaabilivayi
migile alaapana nivayi ...Theega thege Veniyavayi

Raalipoye puvvaa niku ragaalendhuke?
Thota maali ni thodu ledu le....
Vaali poye podhaa niku varnaalendhuke?
Lokamennado chikataayale......

This song gets played in the back-ground when a mother (about to die due to illness) with his physically handicapped son goes to visit her children who were given away for adoption to different families .... she goes to visit them to invite them for one last Deepavali she wants to celebrate with them ....

Veturi Sundararamamuthry gaaru wrote the lyrics and was rendered by MM Keeravani (MM Kreem) ....

it still haunts ...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hasrathein - a changed version !!!

Hasrathein ... i named the 2nd script i ever wrote. But somewhere down the line after watching "Dirty Pretty Things" .. somehow felt deep down inside i wanted to name it as Hasrathein .. hence the change.
Farhan is a [Pakistani] who drives a [cab] in London during the day and mans the front desk of a hotel by night — chewing "khat" (a stimulant) to keep a person awake. Formerly a [doctor] in Pakistan, he is pressed into giving medical aid to ther poor immigrants — including fellow cab drivers with venereal diseases.
Farhan shares an apartment with Siya, a Srilankan woman who works as a maid in the same hotel. The two immigrants form a hesitant friendship, but their situation becomes untenable when immigration police begin to pursue her. She quits the hotel and takes a job in a clothing sweatshop, where the owner forces her, a virgin, to perform oral sex upon him under threat of reporting her. After initially enduring this humiliation, she bites his genitals and flees both the factory and her apartment — taking refuge in a morgue with a friend of Farhan's.
The manager of the hotel, Evan Smith, runs an illegal operation at the hotel where immigrants sell a kidney in exchange for passports with new identities. Learning of Farhan's past as a doctor, he pressurizes him to harvest kidneys, but he refuses.
In desperation, Siya agrees to exchange a kidney for a passport. Evan forces her to have sex with him before permitting her to undergo the operation. Upon learning of Siya's plan, Farhan tells Evan that he will perform the operation to ensure her safety. However, Farhan and Siya actually drug Evan, harvest ''his'' kidney, and sell it to Evan's contact — having also obtained their new passports from Evan.
The film ends with Siya and Farhan in the airport. Although they have fallen in love over the course of their trials, he must return to his young daughter in Pakistan (where his wife had been killed and he had been wrongly accused of the murder) and she leaves to start a new life in New York City.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Will be psoting my finished script FIRDAUS soon.

Aaahhh finally i realised and am convinced on the way FIRDAUS ends. Can't wait to post the script on muah blog. Beeen awefully lazy these days owing to work .. blah .. blah .. blah .... fudge .... will be back soon folks...

Pratee .... girl call me once u read this !!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


How far can you go to destroy the person whom you loved the most completely ........

Friday, April 18, 2008

80 odd days at Onsite !!!

The last 80 days of my life have been really happening in the true sense of the word. I was not apprehensive when I first came here to Maitland. But i was a touch nervous when i first landed in here. Within a week of work at the office a lott of my myths were dispelled once and for all.
Now when i look back i feel disgusted on teh way i worked in my first year of professional life. I never had the "hunger" for success, never "yearned" to learn more, never was in so much awe.
Now i cant live without them.

I met some really interesting people here in Maitland. Let me put it this way.... how do you react to an environment where everyone is so obsessed to learn, obsessed to succeed, ... have so much drive in them to get everything in life (albeit they do have their emotional turmoils too).

It took me 2 days to understand the madness around me. No .. there is no method to the madness, but there is a lot of realism to this madness. I realised that i love to work hard .... the more i started working hard.. the more obsessed i'd started becoming... there is so much to learn.... there are baaps at my work .. who r willing to share their knowledge, throw challenges at you, push you to the limits, people who keep you on your toes....

I dont want to describe every person at my work ... but one person who has easily inspired, provoked me, blasted me off when i did any wrong, put me under pressure to deliver is Rahul Chandran. Now there is a lot of myth surrounding this person back home in India... i dont want 2 get into all those details.... also its not about how good he is and also the other way ... i want 2 sound outright bullish when i say - "Unmistakably and easily the most intriguing person, both professionally and personally i came across is Chandran". I will not use euphemisms for him ... want to work as hard as i can and learn from him the various aspects of being a professional. I love him for the way he is. I developed a bond with him for some reason inexplicable ... but want to stay in touch with this person for the rest of my life. He is a hard-nut to crack when he is in his mood-swings ...but what the heck.... he is a wonderful person nevertheless.

If Siva is the baap for me for his techy stuff. .. Chandran is one whom i look upto to be a thorough professional.

I feel so blessed to have come across so many brilliant and good ppl from various upbringings, diff mentalities, diff facets and outlook towards life in general.

There is Mithun(my prized possesion), Anupam (learnt the importance of having a discipline in life), Saloni (one female i adore), Kochu (a good soul), Harshad (he is a nice weirdo, an out and out eclectic mix of various emotions), Srini (who made me realise my true potential), Rahul Rai (egoistic but good), Saurabh Suman and Rajeev (the dudes), Suresh and Praneeth (friends from childhood), Seshu and Karna (my adorable punching bags at all times and who WILL stand by me in life in whateva crap i do), Misha and Prajju(females i love to spend time with), Abhi (the very definition of being an 'I' .... he wil be the best to portray the character of Howard Roark), Pratee (my strength for the future), Niha (one female i love the most), Satyaki (one female who surprises me every moment with our moods), Pallavi Dubey (female whom i may end up marrying tht if she is single at 28-30), Pallavi Borker (she is ....), Anand (who encouraged me at all times), Sekar (my machan), Anvit (want him to get everything in life purely for his attitude) .... and few others ....

I wish I'll be able to imbibe all the qualities these guys have in them and pick up something from each one of these folks which willl help me in understanding what life is all about .....

Hope all these folks achieve greater success in life.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm back to blogging !!!!

Aaaaaah Finally ...... feels so goood to blog again. Yes... many of them asked why i stopped blogging.... answer - LAZY!!

Things are moving so fast. No complains though. Latest development on my side - got PROMOTED !!! It brought a smile on my face. 2007 for me was a good year. Made some good friends, worked hard, partied in a big way, lost few real good friends.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

in Maitlnd, Florida !!

Its been close to 4 weeks since i'd been in US. My journey from Bombay to Orlando airport was a good one. On board, met a kid of 5 yrs who sat beside me from bombay to NY JFK. From NY JFK to ATLANTA had a VNM War veteran with me by the side (this was the best time i had). From Atlanta 2 Orlando i had a old Canadian woman beside me who explained me the diff b/w Canadians n Americans :) I didnt feel tired by any means but i felt like .. hmm.... weird 2 travel for tht long.

Rahul, Shuvendu n Rakesh came 2 da airport 2 pick us up. I was realllllllly excited 2 meet Rahul and Siva. Siva more for the conversations i had with me for the project and Rahul for his sheer intriguing nature !!