Monday, February 26, 2007

Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd!

This was never planned. On friday received a call... actually a threat, from Dolly ki if i dont turn up on Sunday i wud be slaughterd to death! So i had no option but 2 make it.

It was Sunday's noon. I called up dolly but was doing somethng else with the mouse while i was speaking 2 her. I cud barely hear her saying that the show was at 7 n she will wait for me after booking the tickets. I put down the receiver and started doing my work.

I left the office at 5 and reachd home by 5:25. To my surprise none of muah roomies where at home! i smiled 2 myself thinking abt all of them and switched on the geaser 2 take a shower.
I took my shower n dived into my bed wid my chest facing the ceiling. Lots of thoughts swirled thru my mind at once... sameeksha the kid at the orphanage, misha, seshu, baby, mom evrythng in a ziff. taking my shower, i got my hair dried n started 2 get ready 2 meet dolly.

By the time i was out of my home, i saw the minute hand tip over 20 min past 6! Waiting impatiently for an auto, i called up dolly 2 find out teh xact show timing n whether she was at the FAME! The reply i got from her shook me up :) The show time was 6:25 n then yet anoder death threat from her - "funny, tu time pe nahi aaya na tho tera murder aaj pakka samajh le!"

i caught hold of an auto n made him rush. I paid the auto-driver 5 Rs extra, this has been da case wid me n auto-hangovers since coupla yrs! I usually ask the autowala 2 take me 2 my destination 5-10 mins b4 the usual time n if he succeeds i pay him 5 bucks xtra :) thankfully i always end up losing.

There she was "Dolly" - the ever-smiling riddle of mine n mithun's life! She's easily the most matured female i have seen (after my sis though) till date, yet sometimes childish. Mithun saana is one lucky bloke. She started off hammering me with words :)

Forgot, the movie we went 2 was - Reema Kagti's "Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd!" - simply, HTPL.

The movie had an ensemble cast! there was the scene-stealer Kay Kay Menon, the stunning Shabana Azmi, the mad Boman, the cute- Minisha n Abhay Deol. But the person who made me sit up n take notice was undoubtedly - RAIMA SEN! man she was amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinng!

Now the real thingie - forgive me 4 this reema ;)

I always enjoyed the work of the first-time movie-makers.....the debutants! Somehow the first-time products have so much 2 offer interms of the script, story-telling, dubious camera angles n da usage of lens n da "music". the thing i liked abt HTPL was its simplicity. It has got an under-current of ethereal appeal 2 it, which was tough 2 ignore.

the cast was spot-on! a pat on the bak for my frnd reema 2 get each one on-board for their respective roles. the moment i saw the promos of HTPL i felt like watching it. After a realllllll long time i went to a movie with a "lot" of expectations, the last being my favv Mr. Kamal Hassan's - "Hey Ram".

I liked the movie as a whole, though it had some pit-falls. First the nicer things -

1. Interesting dialogues by Anurag Kashyap.
2. Photography was pleasant.
3. Gud performances by the artists, specially Kay-kay n RAIMA sen.
4. Couple of lovely songs - Pyar ki ek kahaani was excellent .. so too Sajna ji waari waari
5. Couple of touching scenes dealing with the "Gay" angle. There came many movies which had
thrown light on this topic, but none were as equi-vocal as the scenes in HTPL.
The Loo scene between Vikram Chatwal n Karan Khanna stands out, as it was very well
executed and under-played by both excellently.
6. Reema kudos for ur creativity in establishing Abhay Deol and Minisha's characters. Cool use
of the background score mixed with old melodies.
7. RAIMA SEN... raima sen n raima sen.... she was rocking. I'd never seen a raima sen's movie.
(barring parineeta, where she had not much 2 offer) nor did i ever saw her occupying the
screen-timing as she had in HTPL. She was gorgeous, wild. i just cudn't switch my eyes off her
when she was on screen. Considering the reputation of Kay Kay as some1 who can scorch the
silver screen, tht is an enviable achievement.

Now the pit-falls:

1. Screenplay went a bit awry at the end.
2. Under utilised the amazing Ranvir Shoray aka .. 'Silpa'. His character was ended in a haste.
Al so Shabana Azmi.
3. Scenes between Boman n his daughter were not handled properly.

On the whole the movie was worth a watch. Also the company i had was lively... thanks dolly for the movie :)