Friday, November 07, 2008

Hasrathein - a changed version !!!

Hasrathein ... i named the 2nd script i ever wrote. But somewhere down the line after watching "Dirty Pretty Things" .. somehow felt deep down inside i wanted to name it as Hasrathein .. hence the change.
Farhan is a [Pakistani] who drives a [cab] in London during the day and mans the front desk of a hotel by night — chewing "khat" (a stimulant) to keep a person awake. Formerly a [doctor] in Pakistan, he is pressed into giving medical aid to ther poor immigrants — including fellow cab drivers with venereal diseases.
Farhan shares an apartment with Siya, a Srilankan woman who works as a maid in the same hotel. The two immigrants form a hesitant friendship, but their situation becomes untenable when immigration police begin to pursue her. She quits the hotel and takes a job in a clothing sweatshop, where the owner forces her, a virgin, to perform oral sex upon him under threat of reporting her. After initially enduring this humiliation, she bites his genitals and flees both the factory and her apartment — taking refuge in a morgue with a friend of Farhan's.
The manager of the hotel, Evan Smith, runs an illegal operation at the hotel where immigrants sell a kidney in exchange for passports with new identities. Learning of Farhan's past as a doctor, he pressurizes him to harvest kidneys, but he refuses.
In desperation, Siya agrees to exchange a kidney for a passport. Evan forces her to have sex with him before permitting her to undergo the operation. Upon learning of Siya's plan, Farhan tells Evan that he will perform the operation to ensure her safety. However, Farhan and Siya actually drug Evan, harvest ''his'' kidney, and sell it to Evan's contact — having also obtained their new passports from Evan.
The film ends with Siya and Farhan in the airport. Although they have fallen in love over the course of their trials, he must return to his young daughter in Pakistan (where his wife had been killed and he had been wrongly accused of the murder) and she leaves to start a new life in New York City.


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