Friday, April 18, 2008

80 odd days at Onsite !!!

The last 80 days of my life have been really happening in the true sense of the word. I was not apprehensive when I first came here to Maitland. But i was a touch nervous when i first landed in here. Within a week of work at the office a lott of my myths were dispelled once and for all.
Now when i look back i feel disgusted on teh way i worked in my first year of professional life. I never had the "hunger" for success, never "yearned" to learn more, never was in so much awe.
Now i cant live without them.

I met some really interesting people here in Maitland. Let me put it this way.... how do you react to an environment where everyone is so obsessed to learn, obsessed to succeed, ... have so much drive in them to get everything in life (albeit they do have their emotional turmoils too).

It took me 2 days to understand the madness around me. No .. there is no method to the madness, but there is a lot of realism to this madness. I realised that i love to work hard .... the more i started working hard.. the more obsessed i'd started becoming... there is so much to learn.... there are baaps at my work .. who r willing to share their knowledge, throw challenges at you, push you to the limits, people who keep you on your toes....

I dont want to describe every person at my work ... but one person who has easily inspired, provoked me, blasted me off when i did any wrong, put me under pressure to deliver is Rahul Chandran. Now there is a lot of myth surrounding this person back home in India... i dont want 2 get into all those details.... also its not about how good he is and also the other way ... i want 2 sound outright bullish when i say - "Unmistakably and easily the most intriguing person, both professionally and personally i came across is Chandran". I will not use euphemisms for him ... want to work as hard as i can and learn from him the various aspects of being a professional. I love him for the way he is. I developed a bond with him for some reason inexplicable ... but want to stay in touch with this person for the rest of my life. He is a hard-nut to crack when he is in his mood-swings ...but what the heck.... he is a wonderful person nevertheless.

If Siva is the baap for me for his techy stuff. .. Chandran is one whom i look upto to be a thorough professional.

I feel so blessed to have come across so many brilliant and good ppl from various upbringings, diff mentalities, diff facets and outlook towards life in general.

There is Mithun(my prized possesion), Anupam (learnt the importance of having a discipline in life), Saloni (one female i adore), Kochu (a good soul), Harshad (he is a nice weirdo, an out and out eclectic mix of various emotions), Srini (who made me realise my true potential), Rahul Rai (egoistic but good), Saurabh Suman and Rajeev (the dudes), Suresh and Praneeth (friends from childhood), Seshu and Karna (my adorable punching bags at all times and who WILL stand by me in life in whateva crap i do), Misha and Prajju(females i love to spend time with), Abhi (the very definition of being an 'I' .... he wil be the best to portray the character of Howard Roark), Pratee (my strength for the future), Niha (one female i love the most), Satyaki (one female who surprises me every moment with our moods), Pallavi Dubey (female whom i may end up marrying tht if she is single at 28-30), Pallavi Borker (she is ....), Anand (who encouraged me at all times), Sekar (my machan), Anvit (want him to get everything in life purely for his attitude) .... and few others ....

I wish I'll be able to imbibe all the qualities these guys have in them and pick up something from each one of these folks which willl help me in understanding what life is all about .....

Hope all these folks achieve greater success in life.


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