Thursday, May 10, 2007

Srini is leaving !!

Some1 rightly said "Life 's a Journey!" ...... as a person who just hate the cliche's .... i cudnt find a better one to use it in this context. Yes my eyes are moist .... but for once i want 2 go on and complete this.

Srini - i knew this person from Aug end 2005 2 start with. Met him thru our common friend Manoo here in pune. Couldn't spend much time / interact with him until NLS happened in Feb 07.

NLS - National Language Support - a project which got us together on a personal level. We spent days and nights working together. It was fun and a gud learning experience. The more interacted with him ... i more i cud learn from him. The best thing about him is his arrogance, his "urge" to learn and his restlessness to out-perform others.

Yes, i just love the arrogance in him... i guess its his best and worst quality. But, touchwood he has the control on it. And i pray Mr. God it stays that way for rest of his life. He has the "technical stuff" in him and he backs it to teh core --- there comes his arrogance. Nothing wrong in being arrogant as long as u have ur feet on teh ground. He has the ability to take on biggies by the balls :)

Still remember the days we spent together during the initial phases of NLS design. Its been close to 3 months ... i guess we spoke on all possible topics one could think of - be it techincal, personal, philosophical, past loves, lost hopes, future aspirations, movies, soemtimes crap too.....

yep after Mithun went Onsite i realised how much i missed him. I was lucky 2 have Srini at tht point of time.

Thanks for evrything Srini !!


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