Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My journey in 2007

Ok... its been close to 4 months since i "blogged" in real sense of the word. Yes, i agree that i wrote some 29 odd posts and just saved them... 'coz they were my ramblings abt the life i was leading. 2007 - it has been an interesting year for me both personally and professionally.

My professional life in 2007:

I was never a person who believed in having a resolution at the start of the year n sticking to it for the rest 365 odd days. But, don't know y i took the decision .... i wanted to work muah ass-off in 2007. ohh yeah ... when i look back ... yes... i worked muah ass-off .. the first 5 months were pain-stakingly long (as i tried to understand the business functionalities... also partly i owe 2 my attitude of being a slow-starter). the rest 7 months were spent in a bliss. I realised the importance of being a jack of all trades and master of "some". I donn wanna start a thanks-giving speech in here .. but i realllllly want to THANK few ppl who will always be a part of muah life from here-on, come what may.

Mithun - for his PATIENCE with me and also someone in whom i can confide upon.

Shreyans - for throwing the challenge at me in leading the project in Jan - Feb'07

Anupam - learnt the discipline from u mate!

Anand - for pushing me hard in all possible ways.

Srini - for being the partner-in-crime and sitting till 3-4 in to the early mornings.

Saloni - She's been the crazy nut who actually pushed me out of muah comfort-zone.

I hope 2008 will make me even more hungrier for success. Not sure i wud b sticking with CapG for long ... but its been a joy being in the company of these ppl.


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