Saturday, February 23, 2008

in Maitlnd, Florida !!

Its been close to 4 weeks since i'd been in US. My journey from Bombay to Orlando airport was a good one. On board, met a kid of 5 yrs who sat beside me from bombay to NY JFK. From NY JFK to ATLANTA had a VNM War veteran with me by the side (this was the best time i had). From Atlanta 2 Orlando i had a old Canadian woman beside me who explained me the diff b/w Canadians n Americans :) I didnt feel tired by any means but i felt like .. hmm.... weird 2 travel for tht long.

Rahul, Shuvendu n Rakesh came 2 da airport 2 pick us up. I was realllllllly excited 2 meet Rahul and Siva. Siva more for the conversations i had with me for the project and Rahul for his sheer intriguing nature !!


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