Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Untitled !!

wanna write about all my close buddies in few lines … who have been with me from last 5 - 6 yrs ,.......... so plz bear with me for this and have a nice time reading me :)

Do suggest the “TITLE” for this blog as well ....

it may sound extremely cliche'd when i say i was destined to meet them !!
Me, Seshu, Mithun, Abhishek, Karna, Misha, Karthik, Prajakta, Nikhil, Prateeksha, Nritya, Manas, Baba, Manoj, Srini and Bebo !!

16 individuals distinctively different, diff. mind sets, dif. upbringings in the initial stages of life, diff. ways of tackling a situation, diff. ways of looking at n perceiving LIFE ..yet having a common aim - live LIFE, be HAPPY in whateva u do, be a SUCCESS story.... i said story 'coz thtz what how we want ourselves 2 b remembered at the end of the day... well folks we r on our way !! we r living life, are happy in what we r doing at present …most of the times (occasionally we complain too... but .. we donn have an option do we ?? ;)) and on our definitive way 2 achieve sucess!

Karna, i call him the "MAN" ..... a typical scorpion extremely confident when it comes to technical aspect of Mechanical Engineering, moderately shy to hit-it-off with strangers, a bit of ego ( who dont have ... n gimme 1 damn reason y u shudnt have ;))). He was a lateral entry ie., he wrote some damn xam n got admitted directly into 2nd yr of engg. he was the state 14th ranker in that very xam... thru a common frnd feroz he came to meet me at my place; i gave him all the details of our college, faculty, gals etc., etc., n i generally have dis tendency 2 go out of muah way to make ppl feel really comfortable. our friendship started from there. also he was HONEST! He's some1 who is interested in joining politics and despo enuf 2 change the scenario around him. Guy wid strong ideals. has a nice cute love story in his early teens :) a guy who has the "urge" to do something BIG in life! Touchwood.. he’s gonna make it!

Seshu.., i call him the "BEST".... for me and al the others we know he's the MOST sensible guy with a good head on his shoulders. He's an eclectic mix of amazing sense of humour, hardcore optimism, practical thinking, a bit philosophical at times and not 2 4get the Fabulous dancer in him. i literally learnt al my steps frm him... hahahaha; haan he and i have this habit of gettin into wayyyy 2 many things at da same time and though we come out triumphant we always get stretched and some where down the line we missed few things in life. No regrets though.....!! This guy needs time to think .. also a pain-in-da-ass when you give him lot of time to think, 'coz he comes up with such crazy ideas at times which can make the big daddy go berserk :) he’s honest, fool-hardy at times too!

Misha.... i will always be pretty emotional abt her! probably i never cud reveal what she means to me folks.... i somehow just cant do that, 2 b frank:) she was the girl on whom i had a huggggge crush.. (rather shud i say my first love) early on in my first year of engg.. she's not a damsel... not drop-dead gorgeous kinds.. but ... yes.... she's some1 who commands a second-look and when u do .. mark muah word folks….she literally grows on u ..the more u look at her .. the more u will fall in love wid her :) . being intelligent she's some1 who does all her thngs right at the very last moment . be it studies, packing, anythng and evrythng! Very emotional .. but never expresses her emotions. a keen observer, a superb dancer, witty, fab sense of humour! there is certain kinda aura around her wich surprises u instantly! she was always der for me when i needed her the most :) even in the craziest of hours i called her up late in da nite. has shown xtreme patience to listen to all my crappy stories n scripts ;) she’s one honest soul too J she along with prajakta are my inspiration 2 write my female protagonists for my scripts! As a matter of fact, the female protagonist of my 3rd script is modeled on her! Sadly, the script turned out to be a murder mystery ;) not my fault misha! Haahaha .. I’m very proud of u gal ….specially the way u handled urself in da last 2 – 21/2 yrs … J keep going …oookkkkkk …. Her trademark way of saying the very word!

Karthik....Mr.Formal himself .... i never liked him when we first met up! he was wayyyyyyy too organised, formal, a guy who tries 2 win over ppl with his charm n goody-goody behavior ;) must admit .. he's a fabulous singer! after around 2 yrs after me met up i guess ... i really came to terms with karthik... i donno what took me so long.. yeah .. I was at fault understanding him .. nevertheless .. finally a gr8 frnd in whom i can confide upon any day:) he's a good dancer when he performs solo... a ok-ok types dancer in a group ... still feel ki he hasnt yet reached/hit the zone/peak as a singer... serious enough to be reckon with, atleast in my movie ;) eh !!
he’s an honest, brutally frank person! He along with Seshu, rupak n also wid many others including me are a part of KARTHAVYA .. the group working for the welfare, education and betterment of children at the orphanages!
Keep up the gud work guys J ! Do remember - aggression combined with PATIENCE and SMART work can keep our adrenaline pumping!

Prajakta... hail the actress :) .... Whenever i try etching out my female characters, i mostly end up picking up some traits of this dame and shaping the chacracter thereon. She is someone who is extremely talented - b it academics, plays, dance, PJ's, etc., U just cannot have a dull moment when she is around. i dont want 2 use euphemisms to describe her !! :) She is a tough dame too ... she along wid misha are extremely precious 2 me.

The premise for my next story !!

When the wish and the fear are exactly the same, i call the dream a nightmare !!

1. Naren 2. Maya 3. Tanvi 4. Shapadh 5. Mr. Rao 6. ?????